What’s In My Grocery Cart!

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I wanted to try something different today by talking about what I buy grocery shopping. You can workout all you want, but if you eat like crap, you will not be making much progress.
So I may still live at my moms, but I buy my own groceries. Adult problems. It can get expensive too.
Lately I have been going once a week to pick up the foods I love. Fruits & veggies, carbs, stuff high in protein, snacks!
I already had these items at my house, so I didn’t need to pick any of that up today. I don’t want to think of the price if I bought everything today….
-wheat bread
-peanut butter
-protein bars
-Kind Vanilla Blueberry bars
-egg whites
-orange juice
For breakfast I eat the same foods:
-cereal high in protein (Special K Protein)
-Greek yogurt (to mix with my cereal)
-turkey sausage patties (Walmart was out, so I bought links)
-egg whites (if I have time)
Some of the things I usually eat for lunch, depending on where I am:
-tuna in water
-organic peanut butter sandwich
-fruit (strawberries, pineapple, grapes, cantaloupe, blueberries, & oranges are a few of my favorites)
-spinach salad with feta and Italian dressing
-granola bars
-whole wheat peanut butter crackers
I like Lean Cuisines. Guilty. I don’t buy them a whole lot, but I like to keep them around just in case my mom doesn’t cook dinner or I don’t care for what she cooks that night. The pizza ones are so good. I also love the pasta ones as well. I love carbs way too much.
Oatmeal Squares and the Organic Cinnamon Graham Teddy Bear are things I love to snack on lately. But I snack on my fruit a lot too or Key Lime yogurt instead of the real thing. Oh gosh, I have a weakness for Key Lime Pie!
This is what I buy! I typically eat the same things for lunch and breakfast, but it varies after breakfast, depending on what I’m craving that day. I figured readers might be interested since this is also a health and fitness blog, not strictly fashion!
Happy healthy grocery shopping!

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