As you may know, or may have gathered from my few posts, I am a college student on a college student budget. It really isn’t all that bad because there are plenty of places I can blow my money on reasonably priced, cute clothes, whether that be everyday clothes or workout gear. But today I want to talk about workout gear, since I wear that 80% of the time and it happens to be my favorite and goes with my lifestyle.
     Although I am wearing a Lululemon Speed shirt in this picture (it was a gift from my sister), I am also wearing $12 workout leggings! Yes, you heard me, $12!! I found them via Pinterest and the link led me to one of my favorite stores: Forever 21! So naturally I had to buy a pair in black because I am a black fanatic, and a heather gray pair as well. The adorable crisscrossed detail at the bottom sucked me right in; it’s different! They are also my first purchase from Forever 21’s workout line. Usually I go to Target and Walmart of all places because they also, believe it or not, have amazing workout clothes for cheap! Walmart is my favorite of the two though.
     That is where the majority of my workout gear comes from now: Walmart, Target, and now Forever 21. Whether it be tank tops, dri-fit shirts, sports bras, running shorts, leggings, you name it. Nothing against Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, etc.; I love their products. I just can’t afford their prices right now, unless it’s a sale! Got to love good prices as a college gal!
Workout gear fanatic,

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