Since it’s officially Spring Break for me and my boyfriend, we decided a hiking trip was in order. It was supposed to be an 80% chance of rain, but we lucked up with some amazing weather. Never was it too hot; it stayed perfect under the shade of trees, with a nice, slightly cool breeze. We sure ended up pretty messy and exhausted though, that’s for sure. God only knows how exhausted we’ll be after climbing Mt. Fuji on our upcoming Japan trip…
     Which is another reason we went hiking. We needed to get ourselves ready, even though Tunica Hills is no where near close in comparison. Here in Louisiana, we don’t have mountains, we have hills–and some pretty, yet tiny waterfalls. But I feel we won’t have too much of a problem since we’re reasonably fit, I would say. My boyfriend was able to break in his new hiking boots and I was testing out a pair his mom let me borrow, but they unfortunately gave me blisters….
     Mt. Fuji is going to be another story. We will be experiencing even more drastic altitude and oxygen changes. Heavens, we will be climbing a mountain! It is going to be such an amazing experience, worth each and every pain!
     And now I have some hiking supplies I need to be investing in.

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