My favorite day! Which comes twice a week, just like upper body day, except on Tuesday and Friday. Most girls love leg day in contrast to guys loathing it… So now here’s some insight into what I currently do for leg day!
     My first exercise (and my favorite): SQUATS. And I don’t mean simple air squats or wall squats. Those are nice too, but I am talking about the mother of all squats. AKA squats in the squat rack with a bar and, naturally, weights. You can do them shoulder-width apart or sumo style. I started off doing shoulder-width and only switched to the sumo style about a month and a half ago. I prefer sumo because it allows you to get lower and deeper in the squat to firm up those glutes.
     Secondly, I do LEG EXTENSIONS. These focus on the quads. Which when I wore shorts the other day for the first time in months, I realized just how much improvement I have made on them. Leg extensions can be bad on the knees though, exactly what I need as a runner, so don’t try to go all the way down and back up doing these; keep it at a nice 45 degree angle.
     Third is another favorite: STIFF LEG DEAD LIFTS. These can be a bit provacative… Basically though, I use a straight bar, start standing up straight with my arms and the weight at my hips, and bend forward, trying to touch the ground with the weight. Try not to bend your knees much.
Fourthly is LEG CURLS. The equipment varies from gym to gym, but usually this machine can be found along with the leg extension machine. It’s the bicep curl of legs!
     Fifth is the LEG PRESS machine. I love and hate this exercise. At my gym, it is set up where you are nearly laying on the ground with your feet up in the air on the metal platform you will be pushing up.
     Sixth is CALF RAISES. These can be done in all manners of ways, without or without equipment or machines.
     Lastly, LUNGES. Also an exercise that can be performed in lots of ways. I prefer using dumbbells and resting one leg back on a bench while I go up and down into a lunge. But that is what I do! Find what works for you!
     This concludes my leg day workout. Hopefully it has educated and motivated! Thanks for reading this and pass the word!!
Leg day lover,

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