As you may know by now, I am a lover of health and fitness. I try my best everyday to eat right and exercise, but of course I don’t eat right 24/7. I love to eat healthy, it’s not something I have to force myself to do, but I also love bad food too. Stuff like pizza and cookies, candy and chips! But since I do love eating healthy, I don’t eat a LOT of bad stuff. I wish I never had any desire to eat the not-so-good stuff ever again, but that’s like saying the sun is going to rise in the west; I will always love bad food, but it’s something you have you learn self-decipline about. I try to eat 80% good, 20% bad. It doesn’t always turn out that way, of course, but I would say I have at least one bad thing a day. And there are days where it gets a little crazy…..
     But let’s get to the real deal, my upper body day workout. I thought I would share it for anyone who may be interested and curious. It may get a bit lengthy…
     Monday and Thursday are officially upper body days for me. I get to the gym whenever I can, warm-up with stretches and then dive into my workout.
     First off on the list is good ole’ PUSH-UPS: I do as many as I can, which means pushing myself the last couple reps.
     Next up is PULL-UPS just using your own bodyweight. They take practice, so don’t worry if you can only do one or two. I would also start out using a bench or chair in front of you for assistance simply by putting one foot up on it. This is somewhat difficult to explain via internet… Pull-ups are my favorite though, and once you get to the point where you don’t need assistance and you can jump up to the bar by yourself, you feel invincible!
     But moving on to the third exercise…PULL-DOWNS as I like to call them–it doesn’t have a label naming it so…. It’s a machine that requires you to place the weight on it, but it may be different from gym to gym. It mimicks a pull-up, with you on the ground. But where pull-ups focus more on you pulling yourself UP, this exercise is about pulling the weight DOWN to you. Another favorite of mine!
     For the fourth exercise I do BENCH PRESSES. This exercise can also be done with dumbbells, which is what I started out with. I suggest a spotter for these since you obviously do not want to drop the weight on your chest and/or face. You lay on your back, holding the weight directly above you and then you bring the weight down to your chest. It might be best to see a video of this…!
     Fifthly, I do INCLINE DUMBBELL PRESS. It’s like a bench press, but at an incline and with dumbbells. There you have it!
     Next I do DIPS on the side of a bench, using my bodyweight, and in between sets I do the next exercise, LATERAL RAISES. I hate lat raises, but got to work out those lats somehow. It’s just uncomfortable and it’s my lowest weight exercise.
     For the second to last exercise I do SEATED DUMBBELL PRESSES. You can do this sitting straight up with your back against a bench or standing. You lift the weight over your head and bring it level with your ears for each rep.
     And lastly, an exercise I have taken a love to….STRAIGHT BAR CURLS. These are usually the pre-weighted bars, depending on the gym. I do this standing, and just curllllllll!
     But here’s a disclaimer. The picture you see shows the weight I currently do, which is not the weight I am suggesting you to start out at. You should start out a lot lower with a weight that feels comfortable for you but also challenges you. Nothing too easy or you won’t make any progress.
     Thank you so much for taking time to read this long, fitness related blog post! There will be another tomorrow for leg day!
Fit chick,

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