Hello Spring & Movie Night!

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     Not only is today the first official day of spring, but it’s also movie night for me and my man! Insurgent is what we’re seeing since I am a huge fan of the books. My movie/book comparison game is going to be strong tonight.
     Here is a look at the outfit I chose to wear AND the lipstick! And I know these aren’t really springy colors, but I was dying to wear this. I saw a similar outfit of the day on Pinterest and felt like it was very me, so tonight I’m trying it out–too bad my boyfriend hates when I wear this much white!!
     I ordered the military-style jacket online around Christmas, on a random website I do not even remember…but I feel like it was very me since I am a history major–proud nerd status. My tank top is from Target; shorts from Abercrombie; and shoes from Steve Madden. Not recent buys either.
     As for my lipstick–insert hairflip–I just recieved this in my March Ipsy bag! It is a NYX Butter Lipstick in Little Susie!
Now off to the movies,

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