Movie Night–Cinderella!

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     I have never been a huge fan of Cinderella; I always thought she was overrated. So naturally I loved outcasts like Pocahontas, Mulan, and Megara–Belle as well, even though she is not an outcast… But tonight she moved up several pegs on my favorites list after seeing the live-action version. I heard about it long ago when I was stalking Helena Bonham Carter and her upcoming movies, so I have been eager to see it for a while now. Boy, was I impressed! There really isn’t anything bad for me to say about the movie, but I am no movie critic…
     I took my two adorable nieces and they enjoyed it, although I am not quite sure they have even seen the original!!!! But maybe now they will. I want to introduce them to all the classics. Maybe they will make more live-action Disney princess films. Next up, Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson as Belle, and I can not wait!
Disney fanatic,

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