….But the running won’t stop! It was 20-something degrees out for this run yesterday. I had to force myself outside, but once I started going, I was great. Although my lips felt pretty numb….
     I’m in love with running. Your body can do incredible things and with running, I feel like my legs are as strong as a horses. I’m not the fastest, I just enjoy the run. I have a 15K this weekend I’m getting ready for; not to compete to win, but to have fun! Because that’s what running should be about at least! I love elite runners, don’t get me wrong, but for me it’s the atmosphere of races that I LOVE. I might not place in my age group this weekend, but at least I get a medal, a t-shirt, AND proceeds go towards a charity!
     Who else likes to run? It would be great to know I share some hobbies with my viewers!
See you soon,

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