I’m not usually one to wear make-up; only recently have I shown interest! I guess you can say that my tom-boy ways are wearing off. Thanks to Birchbox and Ipsy though, I have built up this want to learn. What else would I do with all the stuff they send me?! And thanks to two of my besties, I’m slowly learning to conquer the art of eyeshadow–my favorite form of make-up! I was lucky enough to be born with a decent complexion that doesn’t require me to wear facial make-up such as bases and powders, the like. That would be even more things for me to learn. So I decided that if I want to wear make-up, it’s going to be eye make-up. I think it’s the fanciness that draws me in. And thanks to my recent Naked 2 pallette purchase, I have a big reason to start learning. Plus every girl should know these things. Why don’t they offer such classes in school?
     Anyway! Yesterday I tried my hand with only one color, Pistol, from the Naked 2 pallette. It’s my favorite so far; not too dark, not too light. Dark is my kind of shade anyways. I didn’t add any eyeliner for the occasion; I was only going grocery shopping and on a movie date with my boyfriend, but that day will come!!
     Hope you like! Wish me luck in my future make-up endeavors!

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