Something else you may not know about me….I LOVE to run. It’s my passion. As of late, I’ve been training for my very first half-marathon, which is the Rock N’ Roll Half in New Orleans this coming January. Only a month and a half away!! That means my training is more serious than ever and I’m running more miles than I’m used to. Normally, before I started training, I would try to run two or three miles a few times every week. Now I’m going by my training plan. Which I’ve also be inconsistent on recently.
So today, after a week of zero running, I laced up and set a new PR: eight miles without stopping! Never have I ever…ran that far, especially without stopping at least for water! I have ran seven, but with stops.
I’m just so proud of myself and what my body is capable of and I also figured followers of my blog should know about me and my hobbies!

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