First Post!!

Finally! I have found the guts to start trying my hand at blogging. For a couple years now, I’ve been following some very talented and fashionable ladies who have unknowingly inspired me to blog like them! Now, I may be successful, I may not, but this will still be a fun hobby and experience for me nonetheless! If I am successful, well then, I don’t know what to say about that just yet besides that would be awesome! First things first though, here’s a little about me to get my blog started!
I’m a college student majoring in history and minority in English.
I love fashion thanks to all those blogs I follow; I envy their skills! But my style is on a college girl budget!
I’m all about leading a fit and healthy life style. I practice judo, I love to run and I’m currently training for a half marathon in January, and I lift weights. Girls can without looking like men, I promise!
I’m somewhat of a bookworm, hence my English minor.
And I’m a coffee addict!!!

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